Xiamen Tianming Springs Co., Ltd

About Us
xmtmsprings Co. Ltd., a manufacturer full filled with responsibility located in Xiamen,Website:http://www.xmtm-springs.com,Fujian,China. Many years passed,yet we have never stoped improving our workmanship,so now,we have confidence to provide our customers with qualified springs. We can produce all kinds of springs and the wire diameter range is 0.1mm-8mm. Our products are widely used in many fields, such as electronic industry, machine industry, instrument industry, auto industry, household appliances, etc. More than 100 most advanced CNC fully automatic spring machines are imported ,what's more,more than 50 experienced workers are standing by, I can find no reason to miss you ,my dear friend,thank you !
Products and services
1?Springs,2?Battery Contact Springs,3?Compression Springs,3?Extension Springs,4?Flat Springs,5?Torsion Springs,6?Tension Springs,7?Expansion Springs,8?Precision Springs,9?Coil Springs,10?Spiral Springs